Recommendation & Writing Sample


“To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to provide a very strong recommendation for Kristina Black, who has asked me for a Linkedin recommendation. In my opinion, she is ideally prepared for employment that requires an abundance of conventional intellect, street-smarts, tenacity and really good interpersonal communication skills. Kristy is particularly well suited for a career in higher education and capable of a very high level of achievement. I have known Kristy as one of her major professors since her first year at Carroll. I can assure you that I am quite familiar with her work and her personality. Kristy is an accomplished young woman with strong writing and interpersonal communication skills. She is talented, dedicated to learning, hard working, self-motivated, energetic, mature and vigorous.

I need to share with you two impressions of Kristy, one from her first year and one from her third year. As a first year student, Kristy enrolled in my news writing and reporting course, a particularly demanding course. Her grade was AB, not quite an A. You should know, however, that in a class with a number of older students, hers was the best grade in the class. In that semester, no student did better than Kristy did. As a junior, she turned in a very ambitious paper in my course in communication ethics. No big surprise, Kristy’s was the best paper in quite a large class. It seemed clear to me that she achieved at a high level in that class because she was able to set high standards for herself and because she was more than happy to put in loads of hard work to meet those standards. I have every confidence that Kristy would be an outstanding addition to virtually any demanding work environment.

I have a strong opinion that Kristy should eventually go on for her doctorate; many of her fine qualities point in that direction. With that said, you need to know that hers will not be a good-in-school-but-not-in-other-environments story. I have been hearing from employers that recent college graduates are too frequently less able to work independently than the employers would hope. Trust me—Kristy Black will tackle tasks, work independently with great integrity and little more than minimum supervision. Kristy comes to you with my highest recommendation. If I can be of any further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call on me.

Yours Truly,

Joseph M. Dailey, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Communication”


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